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Family Dentistry

General dental services and preventive care in a smooth, friendly, and relaxed office setting are some of the services that we offer at our La Mirada dentist office. By focusing on prevention, utilizing new-age dental care technology, we help our patients eliminate the development of dental diseases like tooth decay or gum disease from their lifestyle. Each patient of Dr. Ryan Le, DMD is given a personalized care plan to address his or her individual needs, including education and counseling where applicable.

Some of the services that we provide are:

Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90%. Taking routine films at your visit can identify early stages of bone disease and decay between the teeth (places where a visual examination can’t). Early diagnosis by Dr. Ryan Le, DMD allows areas of decay or gum disease to be treated as early as possible, retaining healthy tooth structure and keeping treatment costs to a minimum for our patients.


Dental Cleanings

We perform prophylactic cleanings every 6 months for patients with healthy mouths. During these appointments in our La Mirada dentist office, calcified tartar is removed from the surfaces of the teeth, interrupting the gum disease process that destroys healthy bone. We will also screen for dental diseases like oral cancer and conduct oral hygiene instruction or nutritional counseling that will help ensure the life of your smile.


Periodontal Therapy

Dental ModelPeriodontal (gum) disease increases a patient’s risk for developing significant systemic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and premature labor. Some dentists refer their periodontal patients to a specialist, but we provide periodontal therapy in our office. This advanced treatment of new-age dental care for patients with extensive gum disease involves non-surgical therapy to remove the disease-causing bacteria (scaling and root planing). We will also work with you to tailor a home care plan that helps maintain or improve your oral health status.



A preventive procedure, smooth dental sealants help protect the deep grooves and pits in the chewing surfaces of your molars by sealing out bacteria. Sealants are very easy to apply and are usually placed on permanent molars at the time of eruption (around ages 6 and 12.)


Composite Fillings / Bonding

Dr. Ryan Le, DMD adheres to modern concepts that focus on preserving as much of a tooth as possible. Composite fillings (or bonding) can be used to restore decay conservatively or replace old leaking silver fillings. Made of a tooth colored material, these fillings are matched so that they blend in naturally with the rest of your tooth enamel. They are also less invasive and bond more closely to the tooth than silver fillings, therefore avoiding unnecessary removal of natural tooth structure.



Teeth that have broken or had root canal treatment typically have crowns placed over them. A crown (or cap) covers the entire surface of the tooth above the gums, providing stability to the tooth during routine use. Neglecting to place a crown on a tooth will typically cause continued breakdown of the enamel until there is not enough tooth structure left to restore.



Bridges are similar in appearance to 3-4 crowns that have been fused together. They are used for replacing one or two missing teeth and preventing the rest of the teeth in the mouth from shifting out of place by maintaining proper spacing.


Dental Implants

Dental ModelThe standard of care for tooth replacement is the dental implant. These titanium devices encourage natural bonding with the bone and are used to support crowns, bridges or even dentures. Dental implant therapy involves a two-step process, which typically takes a few months to allow for bone integration before placing the crown or other device on top of the implant.



If you are missing all or some of your teeth, full and partial dentures are an affordable option for tooth replacement. Dentures fit securely in your mouth, around any remaining teeth, or can be snapped onto dental implants for a tighter fit. A properly fitted denture does not require adhesive pastes. If yours does, it may be time to have them replaced or relined.


Endodontic / Root Canal Therapy

Once the nerve of a tooth has been traumatized or infected, root canal therapy is necessary to extend the life of the tooth. Endodontic treatment involves the removal of diseased nerve tissue and filling the inner chamber of the tooth with a soft material that seals off infection. Once a root canal has been performed, a crown is placed over the non-vital tooth to prevent fracturing of the enamel or even cracking of the tooth.


Oral Surgery Services

Diseased or damaged teeth may sometimes require extraction due to infection or complications caused to your surrounding, healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth are frequently extracted due to impaction against healthy adjacent teeth. Severely decayed teeth may also leave partial root tips in the mouth that need to be removed to prevent infection. Both simple and surgical extraction services are available in our office.



Anxious dental patients are put at ease when we utilize sedation treatments during their care. We offer different types of anxiety and pain relief methods depending on patient needs. Ranging from an anesthetizing mouth rinse, to nitrous oxide, or prescription anxiety medication, our office is equipped to put your comfort and needs first, no matter how severe the anxiety.

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