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Cosmetic Dentistry

All of the new-age dental care services that we provide in our friendly La Mirada dentist office are designed to be aesthetically pleasing to our patients when they smile. Sometimes there are no treatment needs but the patient wants to improve the appearance of their natural teeth. Cosmetic dental services allow us to transform the way our patient’s smile, as well as the way they feel about themselves.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments is teeth whitening. Dr. Ryan Le, DMD offers two methods of whitening depending on the patient’s natural tooth coloration and their personal needs. In-office laser whitening is performed at our friendly office and dramatically changes the shade of your teeth in a single appointment. Take-home whitening kits feature a smooth custom fitted whitening tray as well as prescription strength whitening gel to brighten your smile in a matter of days. All whitening services in our office use new-age dental care technology to ensure the best success of your treatment.


Minor discrepancies in teeth such as chips or gaps can sometimes be corrected by bonding a tooth colored material to the tooth in order to reshape it. Bonding is not appropriate in all areas. Dr. Ryan Le, DMD frequently use bonding in areas of severe gum recession or on teeth that have been chipped accidentally.


Have you ever wondered if it was possible to change the shape, color, and misalignment of your teeth without whitening, crowns or braces? It is. Dental veneers are a thin restoration made of porcelain or ceramic material that is placed on the front of your tooth to recreate its shape, color and appearance. Veneers are useful for individual teeth that cannot be naturally restored, or for several teeth across the front of your mouth to instantly transform your smile.

Invisible Orthodontic Braces


Many people want to straighten their teeth, but don’t want to wear metal braces or having veneers. ClearCorrect invisible braces in our La Mirada dentist office straighten your teeth and correct misalignment by using a series of clear retainers. Most people will never even realize that you are wearing them because they are so thin. There are no dietary restrictions as there are with traditional braces, so you can eat and drink whatever you want. Cleaning them is easy; just remove them to brush and floss as normal and then brush out your smooth ClearCorrect retainer.

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